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God and Jimmy Carter 289 q45.1

God and Jimmy Carter

I was just now watching an interview with former President Jimmy Carter. Although I do not personally embrace Southern Baptist beliefs per se, I can truly say that in my estimation, Jimmy Carter is a great and spiritual man, perhaps even a saintly man, who drew daily strength from his personal beliefs in the cruel and dirty job of dealing with political realities and world crisis. And yet his personal beliefs were always in backround as far as the public eye was concerned. He never imposed his beliefs upon others nor did he attempt to use his office as a tool to further his personal beliefs.

As I listened to the interview with former President Carter, the following words came to my mind, so I share them with you now. Perhaps some of you will not readily see the connection with the Jimmy Carter interview and what I am about to say, and to you I apologize for this seeming non-sequiter:

"The REAL omnipotence and omnipresence of God lies in God's ability and willingness to BE to each individual, for each individual who turns towards God with sincerity, hope and expectancy, to BE that Truth, to REVEAL that One Truth, in all of its manifold diversity, to IMPART that Truth to that individual, in the fullest measure which that person is able to comprehend, and in sufficient measure for what that individual needs at any given moment in their life."


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