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The Quakers (Society of Friends) 296 q39.1

Perennial Wellspring

The ordinary human soul is a perennial wellspring of genuine religions. The founding of genuine religions has never been limited to one nation or people or language or geographical area nor to one period in history. Religion is a living phenomenon which evolves in much the same fasion as biological life is seen to evolve and in the same fasion that geology, solar systems, galaxies and even the perceptible Universe itself is seen to change and evolve. Religion is constantly changing and evolving, and yet ever remaining the same. Life is constantly evolving, and yet constantly remaining the same (in that we always recognize, perceive and identify it as LIFE, LIVING and not something totally different and unrecognizable). That which is living is constantly changing and evolving. That which never changes but is frozen in some historical period of time is dead, and eventually begins to decompose and putrify and become maloderous.


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