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Power and Struggle

The essence of what it means to be a living organism, is to STRIVE for, light, warmth, food, seeking pleasure, avoiding pain. It is a struggle in quest of POWER.

Think about little microbes, striving towards light, nourishment. This very struggle is essential in survival. It seemed to me that the concept of POWER is at the heart of such instincts.

We see all life forms STRUGGLE to survive, propagate.

STRUGGLE seems primary.

But somehow, inherent in the notion of STRUGGLE, is Power, since struggling itself is a FORCE, and one struggles AGAINST some other FORCE, and power lies in one force PREVAILING over some opposing force.

In the evolutionary scheme of things, gradually, complex consciousness and introspection is ushered on-stage, and the whole mental world of dualities, antinomies, good and evil, pleasure and pain, truth and falsehood.


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