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Visions and Dreams

Only after we left our chat did I read your page, about the vision.

(Page 1 of this website)

Not everyone will appreciate the profound nature of your experience; most people would consider it to be just another dream. But a communication of that sort is not just a dream; it is a vision. Most visions recorded in scripture are rather oblique. That is, the person experiencing the vision might not understand what's happening as he experiences the Divine Presence. You have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a direct communication, and you've been generous enough to share that with the world. That makes you a rare individual. You should always be satisfied within yourself having attained this maturity.

Some people would say that the experience of Deity as a person is inferior to the realization of the Impersonal (Brahman). But I have learned from my teachers that, to the contrary, His Person is the source of the Impersonal (Consciousness).

I consider it an honor, and less than mere coincidence, to have met you.


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