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from "The Foolish Virgins" 41.1 q24

Whose apple is this?

One day the Buddha was seated near the house of a wealthy man, begging for his daily food. The wealthy man came out and begin to insult him, calling him lazy and worthless. But the Buddha remained very calm. The Buddha's calmness caused the wealthy man to become increasingly more angry and abusive, in an attempt to illicit some reaction or response.

Buddha had an apple that someone had given him in his begging bowl. He held up the apple to the rich man and said:

"If I give you this apple, and you accept it, whose apple is it? The wealthy man answered, "Why my apple, of course, since you gave it to me and I accepted it!"

Budda then said "But if I offer it to you and you do not accept it, THEN whose apple is it?"

The wealthy man replied, "Why, then its YOUR apple, of course!"

Buddha said, "You offer me anger and insults, but I do not accept them, so the anger and the insults remain YOURS."

The wealthy man was astounded by the realization of why he was becoming more and more angry.


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