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"Does the Divine Need Saving" 26.1 q21

Does the Divine Need Saving?

If God is Eternal and Unchanging, then what does it mean that God becomes angry, or regrets, or forgives?

If God is perfect, lacking nothing, then what reason was there for the Creation? But if there was no reason, then how can God be understood as all-wise, doing things capriciously, for no reason?

If God is all powerful, then why should God be bound by human logic and understanding?

Why cant it be possible for God to be in all religions, and accept all forms of worship?

The 5 loaves and two fishes fed the crowd of 5000 people, yet bread is different from fish. Also, wine is different from bread, and a burning bush is different from a pillar of smoke, which is different from a pillar of fire, which is different from the flying chariot of Ezekiel, which is different from the "still small voice" of Elijha.Yet are not all these differing externalities manifestations of God's presence?

Many Hindus believe that God is One but has three primary aspects (just like Christian Trinity) but, in addition, God is so powerful that He(She/It) can manefest as many forms genders,simulatneously.


That which has a starting point in time is not eternal, but only immortal.

Christianity describes the soul only as immortal, but not as eternal, since it has a beginning in time.

Hinduism describes the soul as truly eternal saying "there is never a time when it was not".

How can that which is not eternal be divine?

How can that which is not divine be "saved"?

And why does that which IS DIVINE need saving?


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