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Experiencing Pure Consciousness 19.1 q20

The Event Horizon

from "Experiencing Pure Consciousness" 19.1

In the Herman Hess' novel 'Siddhartha', there is a passage where Siddhartha's disciple looks into Siddhartha's face and sees the Universe mirrored.

If you come to feel the feeling of that passage coupled with the feeling of Arjuna when he sees Lord Krishna's Universal Form (Sat-svarupa), with the spiritualized eyes that Lord Krsna gives to Arjuna. if you begin to taste the Bhava, the mood, of those things, THEN you will experience horripulation, goose bumps. Your hair will stand on end. That symptom is the beginnings of tasting the likeness, the simlitude of, the actual experience of pure consciousness.

But, the more closely you approach to the complete experience, the more closely you approach, as a moth to a flame, the undoing of your own nature. As a drop enters the ocean, the ocean also enters into the drop. The drop is no more, the ocean remains unchanged. The drop IS the ocean.

Think about a black hole and the event horizon. We know that if we should actually find one of these hypothetical black holes, which theory predicts should exist, we know that no light can escape the event horizon.

So if we ask, "what is beyond or inside the event horizon", what is the answer?

If you take the mass of our solar system the planets and our sun and squish it into a ball the size of the moon or smaller, the gravity becomes so great that light cannot escape because space-time is curved into a perfect sphere around the black hole. That is an event-horizon.

So the question "what lies beyond the event horizon" is analogous to your question "what is pure consciousness".

But the only way to know "what happens beyond the event horizon" is to approach closer and closer, like the moth to the flame.

But to completely know is to "pass THROUGH the even horizon".

But that is to never return and to be no more what you were in your "individuality" .


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