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Hare Krishna Beliefs 16.1 q17

Faces of Faith

...as he was talking with me (a Muslim standing outside a Mosque), asking me what my religion was, and if I would like to become Islamic, explaining his joy in his own faith, I kept looking into his face and, suddenly, I began to see the faces of all the holy people that I had ever known, in many religions; Hindu Monks, Greek Orthhodox Christian Monks and Nuns, Zen Masters, Protestant Ministers, Catholic Priests. I suddenly realized that I was seeing the same thing in all those faces.

It was a palpable, sensible, perceivable sanctity, a peace that is hard to put into words. But those people I had met during my life had all "arrived" at that same "place" in their lives, although they had travelled there by different paths.

My realization wasn't really something one could get or learn simply from a book. You would have to live with those people, eat what they ate, do what they did, worship and pray with them, become them.

What I realized was something very subjective and experiential which cannot be conveyed to others easily in words without the shared experience.


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