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Ambiguous and Vague 12.1 q15

A World in a Word, A Pearl in a Field

If you look at all the sacred scriptures of all the Religions, you will discover that there are only certain sentences or phrases in which is a WHOLE WORLD OF THEOLOGY.

For example, Mother Theresa put Christ's final words from the Cross, "I thirst", on her convent wall.

John 19:28 After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, "I thirst".

Hidden, amidst all the other verses of the Gospels, "out of context", is something which opens up a whole world in the mind.

In a certain way the very nature of our thought processes, is a non-sequiter. Hence, structure and form in writing is, in a sense, illusion... or maya.

But we come to think of that ordered "structure" as the nature of reality.

Regarding the "I Thirst" of Mother Theresa, Jallaladin Rumi once said, "Do not seek water, for water is EVERYWHERE! Seek THIRST!" For without the THIRST the water is of no value to you.

In the Psalms, "O Lord, I have thirsted after Thee like a deer in a waterless land."

So you see, "spirituality" is very much like the parable about that man who found an entire field, but in that field was buried A TREASURE. So, he went and sold EVERYTHING THAT HE HAD and bought that field. But it was not the field that he wanted, only the one TREASURE, the one PEARL, hidden in the field.

In the book of Proverbs, King Solomon said "A word to the Wise, fitly (properly) spoken, is like an apple of GOLD in a silver fitting (filagree casing)." In those ancient times, crafstmen, artisans, would fashion an apple out of gold and then place it inside a very fine silver screen casing or screen.

From a distance, it appears to be a SILVER apple. But as one draws closer, and studies it intently, a hint, a spark of gold, shines through. Finally, one "comprehends" or "apprehends" the true reality of the "thing", namely, something GOLD contained within something SILVER.

When Jesus says "Search the Scriptures,for therein will ye find Eternal Life" we are being told to search for the GOLD which is hidden, seemingly out of context, just like the verse "I thirst." which Mother Theresa found in the "field" of the Gospels. Are those words of Jesus not saying, in a sense,that the "eternal life" is not "explicitly stated" in some part of the "Old Testament" but is somehow hidden in the process of "searching" itself? Otherwise Jesus would have said "Go and read this passage or that passage , or this book or that book...", right?


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