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Think on These Things 8.1 q13

Intimacy with God

We are ultimately, each of us at some point, totally alone with God in the end. Like a husband and wife when the bedroom door closes, but a million times more intimate (and nothing to do with sex). It is like a marriage, one's SELF and ones Creator. So, for one who has chosen Islam, when they stand before God, there will be talk about Ramadan, pilgrimage to Mecca; for the Christian who chose Jesus certainly "I was naked, did you clothe me?", "I was hungry, did you feed me?" And, for the Buddhist, finally faced with the ultimate Dharma, the degree of detachment, the reminant of desire.

It is like a parent with many children. With the athletic child, you talk about their baseball scores; with the sickly child, "How carefully did you keep your stamp collection?", with the little girl, "Were you good to your dollies?" For the loving parent of many children, there is no smarter, no dumber, no older, no younger, no male, no female; only You and Me, Now and Always.

In the Psalms: "I went to the Highest mountain and You were there. I went to the depths of the sea and You were there too."

When you are alone, but you know you are not alone, that is religion, that is faith, it is as simple as that.

When you are alone, but you talk to the One who is always with you, that is prayer, it is as simple as that

When it is totally dark, but you know you are watched, that is law and righteousness, it is as simple as that.

You can run, but you cannot hide.

When you stop running, that is surrender, it is as simple as that.

The scriptures, the practice, the ritual, those are the details, the fine print.

St. Augustine, in Confessions, Ch. 10 writes:

"Oh Thou Beauty, most ancient, yet most fresh! Far and wide have I searched for Thee, and , alas, all along, Thou wast within me."

Numbers and majority is not always important. Soil and clay is more abundant than gold, but it is gold which everyone seeks.

Man is both comic and tragic. Man desires to turn clay into gold, but when he succeeds, then gold becomes clay (i.e. plentiful, and taken for granted).


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