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Index of Pages
Planes of Spirituality
Spiritual Evolution
Pure Religion is THIS
What is God's Religion?
Is God Formless?
Can God Lie?
Axiomatic Systems-Godel
Religion for the Simple
Making the Best/Acceptance
Subjective, Contingent Truth
Intimacy with God
The Lord's Prayer
World in a Word,Pearl in a Field
Light One Candle
Faces of Faith
The Beginning of Sanctity
An Old Taoist Tale
The Event Horizon
Does the Divine Need Saving
Six Months to Live
Ripe Mangos
Whose apple is this?
The Foolish Virgins
Infinite Circle
A Moth to the Flame
Church and State
Visions and Dreams
Rape and Prostitution
Black Holes
Power and Struggle
Spiritual Flu
Being Forgiven
Happiness & Meaning
Universal Self
Perennial Wellspring
God's Party Game
Suffering Born of Desire
Faith in Ourselves
God & Jimmy Carter
Emile Durkheim
Discourse of the Birds
Quotable Sitaram